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Blog posts by Eddie Tejeda:

  • How Federalist and USWDS 2.0 helps agencies become compliant


    Two month ago the U.S. Web Design System 2.0 (USWDS) launched exciting new features including improved accessibility and flexible layouts. This is great news for content editors and website managers. In today’s post, we'd like to show you how you, your team, or your agency can get started with USWDS 2.0 using Federalist.

  • Product management at 18F, part 4 - 10x


    10x projects let anyone in government pitch an idea that could have a massive impact on the public. So how does 10x go about developing these ideas? Each pitch requires a lead investigator who will need to develop an understanding of the idea and make recommendations. Although it’s not limited to product managers, the tools of product management can come in handy when creating a process to determine if the idea is worth pursuing.

  • Product management at 18F, part 1 - New engagements


    At 18F, we partner with federal agencies to improve the user experience of government. We bring our product management skills to bear during these engagements to build digital services in line with our partners’ missions. When working with an agency, identifying the right problem focus on is often the first challenge. That’s why we have Path Analyses (PA): short engagements to survey the landscape and align everyone on a path forward.