Delivery is the strategy.

18F is an office inside the General Services Administration that helps other federal agencies build, buy, and share efficient and easy-to-use digital services. We’re a team of technology experts that work with agencies to diagnose problems and then work alongside agency teams to find the right solutions.

Headquartered at 18 and F streets in Washington, D.C., we’re an office of federal employees acting as a civic consultancy for the government. We’re transforming government from the inside out, creating cultural change by working with teams inside agencies who want to create great services for the public.

what we do

We deliver solutions to your problems. The first step in that process is always a thorough exploration of the challenges facing your agency and your users, but the solution can be found down any number of different paths. The constant is that 18F will gather the right experts for the job, work hand-in-hand with your team, use modern techniques, and talk with real users throughout the process to make sure we’re building the right thing, not just any thing.

We deliver:

  • Custom products to solve your problems
  • Innovative ways to buy technology
  • Platforms built for government
  • A path to becoming a digitally-powered organization
  • Modern digital service techniques

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by Andrew Maier

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In the first post of this series, I covered what stakeholder interviews are, why they’re valuable, and how to prepare for them. In this second post, I’ll cover how to actually run the interviews as well as some tips for synthesizing and socializing what you learn.

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Recently, 18F launched the Digital Acquisition Accelerator, a 6-8 month program aimed at creating change agents within two agencies to inspire a cultural shift within those agencies. This is the first in a series of three blog posts that provide a step-by-step guide to how we led the inception workshop.

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by Kate Garklavs

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Interested in spinning up your own Writing Lab? Use these tips as your starting point.

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