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Built in the spirit of America's top tech startups, 18F is a team of top-notch designers, developers, and product specialists inside the General Services Administration, headquartered at 18 and F streets in Washington, D.C. 18F is a civic consultancy for the government, inside the government, enabling agencies to rapidly deploy tools and services that are easy to operate, cost efficient, and reusable.

We are transforming government from the inside out, creating cultural change by working with teams inside agencies who want to create great services for the public.

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Delivery is at the heart of what we do. Our team of designers and developers work to transform government services by building world-class software products and raising standards of software development throughout the government. Learn more about our products by visiting our dashboard and you can find more information about our standards and capabilities through our guides.

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Our consulting team works alongside other federal agencies as partners. We’re here to roll up our sleeves right alongside you and solve the biggest challenges facing your agency. From developing agile acquisition strategies to evaluating opportunities to improving your digital initiatives, our team sets you up for success.

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We’re looking for candidates passionate about our mission, with top-notch software development, design, content, and operations skills to match. We’re based in D.C, but our team is distributed all over the country.

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by Brad Nunnally, and Sarah Allen

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We recently began our partnership with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) on the GovConnect initiative, which helps agencies create a culture of excellence based on collaboration and teamwork.

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by Zac Cohn

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The Small Business Administration was ready to try something different. So they asked 18F Consulting to run an “introduction to agile” workshop for their executives. With the help of a bucket of Legos, the executives were able to learn the basics of agile development practices in only an afternoon.

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As the first Agile BPA awards are now being issued, we asked three members of the team about the process and the lessons they’ve learned so far.

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