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About 18F

We help other government agencies build, buy, and share technology products. 18F is a team of designers, software engineers, strategists, and product managers within the General Services Administration. We collaborate with other agencies to fix technical problems, build products, and improve public service through technology.

General Services Administration headquarters


In March 2014, a group of Presidential Innovation Fellows started 18F to extend their efforts to improve and modernize government technology.

In 2016, 18F became part of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS), which also includes the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, the Office of Acquisitions, TTS Solutions, and the IT Modernization Centers of Excellence.

In 2017, TTS became part of GSA’s existing Federal Acquisition Service.

What does 18F mean?

Our name is short for the address of GSA headquarters in Washington, DC: 1800 F Street.

Funding and agreements

We are cost-recoverable, which means we don’t receive appropriated funds from Congress and must charge partner agencies for our work. There are two authorities we use to recover costs:

  • Acquisition Services Fund (ASF) reimbursement authority: for work related to acquisitions
  • Economy Act (PDF) reimbursement authority: for projects that cannot use ASF reimbursement authority

We use Interagency Agreements (IAAs) to set up the terms of our projects, and bill partners through Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) on a monthly basis.

For press

For all press inquiries, please email with the topic you’d like to talk about and your deadline.

The GSA Office of Strategic Communications handles all press questions and can connect you with the proper people at 18F and the Technology Transformation Services. See the GSA newsroom for news releases and official resources.

If you’re writing a story about 18F, feel free to use any of the images below.

Organizational logos

Product logos

Photograph of GSA’s DC headquarters (2.5 MB PNG)