Originally published on GSA’s blog.

We are in an era of digital transformation across many different industries, including government. Those organizations that have successfully led in this area or have fully transformed into digital organizations are succeeding at a faster pace than those who have not. The imperative for the federal government to provide effective digital service is clear. The public expects a responsive, transparent and efficient government that mirrors their experience with private sector entities.

GSA has historically played a central role in transforming government technology, whether it’s assisting agencies in accessing and purchasing from technology companies, informing and building out agency technology services, or building new government-wide platforms and products at scale.

Today we take another step forward helping government develop the technology that the public and taxpayers deserve. I’m pleased to announce the creation of GSA’s third service, the Technology Transformation Service. Much as the Public Buildings Service and Federal Acquisition Service meet our partner agencies’ needs for real estate and acquisition, the Technology Transformation Service will help agencies navigate how to build, buy, and share user-centered and emerging technology solutions. This new service will provide both the foundation for our government’s digital transformation and also partner with other agencies to assist them in their own attempts to transform.

The Technology Transformation Service is the “launchpad” to set us up for the next big expedition for the federal government in technology. We have to create a smart government that provides seamless experiences designed for the user first. Creating the Technology Transformation Service builds a great foundation for the federal government’s modernization efforts.

The new service is comprised of the programs and services now offered by the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT), the Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF), and 18F. Since their founding, these programs have been providing innovative digital services and leadership to our federal partners. They have developed specific technology solutions in support of our customer agencies’ missions, while also helping them rethink the way they use technology to serve the American public. More and more, agencies are looking for this kind of assistance.

By moving these programs into a new service, we are demonstrating a commitment to make agile, user-centered delivery of technology the way we do business moving forward. This new service complements GSA’s current technology efforts, bolstering the strong support we already provide to partner agencies and allowing us to deliver transformative technology solutions.

Creating the Technology Transformation Service will allow GSA to better deliver on our mission to provide the best value in real estate, acquisitions and technology to government and the American people. The new service will be led by a Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner. Phaedra Chrousos, former Associate Administrator of OCSIT/18F, will serve as the service’s first Commissioner, and Aaron Snow, Executive Director of 18F, will serve as Deputy Commissioner.

Today is the first day of a new era in our agency. Just as we were the first agency to put the internet on every desk 20 years ago, and the first to move to the cloud five years ago, we continue to blaze a trail providing cutting-edge technology support to our partner agencies.

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