Today, we’re pleased to officially say that Pool Three of the Agile Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is :rocket:. Although we announced the awardees earlier this year, there were multiple protests related to the Agile BPA. Last night, we learned that the final protest has been resolved, which means we can soon begin awarding work under the Agile BPA. In addition, in the coming weeks, we’ll be working on awarding Pools One and Two for designers and developers, respectively. In both our efforts to award work against Pool Three, as well as to complete Pools One and Two, we will continue to partner with the General Service Administration’s (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service, Southeast Sunbelt Region. We’ll have blog posts about those two pools when we have more information.

Here are the vendors on the BPA:

  • Acumen Solutions Inc
  • Applied Information Sciences Inc
  • Booz Allen Hamilton Inc
  • DSoft Technology Company
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.
  • Flexion Inc.
  • InQbation
  • NCI Information Systems Inc
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector LLP
  • SemanticBits
  • TechFlow Inc
  • TeraLogics LLC
  • Three Wire Systems LLC
  • True Tandem LLC
  • Vencore Services and Solutions Inc
  • Ventera Corporation
  • World Wide Technology

As we said before, these companies “represent large companies and small businesses, from all over the country. But the unifying theme amongst them is that they delivered amazing, working software in response to our RFQ.”

We deeply appreciate the work of our partners within the GSA, particularly the Federal Acquisition Service Southeast Sunbelt Region (Region 4) Integrated Technology Service and Legal Counsel, and the Department of Justice.

Now that we’re past this final hurdle, we can officially say that the Agile BPA is live. If your federal agency is interested in learning more, feel free to email us at or visit the Agile BPA site.