Today, we’re celebrating our first anniversary. We wanted to take a look at some of the numbers that have helped define 18F during our first year.

Infographic showing 18F's first-year progress by the numbers

By the projects

15: Current Delivery Services Projects

7: Projects currently in Beta

125: End-users engaged while we were researching, prototyping, and developing projects

100: Teams that received API training and direct support via our /Developer Program

14: Number of times our open source policy has been forked

4: Hackathons and Demo Days hosted (and we’ve got more around the corner!)

By the people

15: People on the 18F team one year ago

76: People on the 18F team today

20: People expected to join 18F during the next few weeks

32: Number of current Presidential Innovation Fellows and program staff

87: Total number of Presidential Innovation Fellows

66: Number of blog posts (as of 3/19/15)

684: Number of Tweets on @18F (as of 3/19/15)

By the code

203: Public repositories on GitHub (source: GovCode)

64: Public repositories that have been active in the last month (source: GovCode)

61: Number of forks of our most forked repo (

225: Number of stars on our most starred repo (rdbms-subsetter)

14: Different programming languages on our GitHub account

1473: Number of GitHub users who have starred 18F’s repos

581: Number of GitHub users who have forked 18F’s repos