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18F website modernization

Make your digital front door work for you. Your website is the primary channel for the public to learn about and interact with your agency. 18F will uplift your customer experience to ensure it is effectively advancing your mission.

18F helped accelerate modernization of, which has been serving real-time water data since 1995! The techniques we learned from 18F have become embedded in our software development approach. When we first started working with 18F, I didn’t realize how profound the impact would be on our team... We’ve embedded these methods into our software development to reduce the risk of IT investment and learn more about users and technology.
—Emily Read, Chief for the Web Communications
USGS Water Resources

Your website modernization

By partnering with 18F, you can better understand how and why people use your website. And you can use that understanding to serve them more effectively.

18F specializations Include:

  • Digital strategy and modernization. Leveraging the latest technologies to transform federal services, making them more accessible and efficient for all.
  • User experience design. Crafting digital services with empathy and precision to ensure inclusivity and clarity for users from all walks of life.
  • IDEA Act compliance and advancement. Not only meeting the requirements of the 21st Century IDEA but also pioneering beyond them to set new benchmarks for digital service delivery.
  • Content architecture and governance. Structuring information architecture to facilitate intuitive navigation and robust governance across digital platforms.
  • Visual design and branding. Establishing a visual identity that fosters trust and reflects the government’s dedication to serving the public.
  • Usability research and data-driven assessments. Conducting comprehensive research to understand public needs, employing data to enhance the quality and effectiveness of services.

By engaging with 18F, partners gain access to a specialized team focused on the nuances of customer experience in the digital realm, backed by the broad experience and resources of 18F. Together, we create the best outcomes for your mission and the people you serve.

Learn if 18F Web Transformation services are right for you by emailing us at