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18F vendor acquisition support

Navigate your next technology acquisition with a team of government procurement experts. 18F combines our acquisition and technical experience with your mission area expertise to help you choose the right products and services for your needs. Most importantly, we help you understand how to implement and manage your solutions to achieve long-term success.

Designing the contract and the system the way we did — for OFA [our office] to have control and input and be so involved in the development — I think it facilitates the ability to be responsive. It’s just 180 degrees from our past experience. It’s so refreshing.
—Lauren Frohlich, Product Owner
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Approximate Investment Outcomes
6 months
We will support you to create a competitive and compelling solicitation package to address your needs
1 year
We will support you through issuance of the package, and potentially to award, based on your contracting office’s timelines
2 years
Full cycle; we will support you through issuance, award, onboarding, and post award management

We can work with your contracting office or we can buy your solution through GSA’s own contracting shop. Costs vary based on timelines and acquisition needs, so please contact us for more information. The previous chart illustrates what you’ll achieve with each level of investment.

To take the next step, email us at