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U.S. Tax Court

Make it easier to resolve tax disputes

Screenshot of the new interface

Project details

Each year, taxpayers file 35,000 petitions with the United States Tax Court to settle disputes with the Internal Revenue Service. Most — about 60% — are filed without the help of lawyers. And, since the 1980s, they had to be submitted in person or by mail. They approached 18F for help making the process easier and quicker for taxpayers and staff alike.


  • 18F conducted a three-day workshop with the Court to develop a solicitation for the new system that would support iterative development based on user research.
  • We helped identify qualified companies on GSA Schedules and advised about how to select a qualified industry partner.


  • The resulting contract allowed the Court and partner to prioritize user needs throughout the project.
  • Consulting in acquisitions and engineering set the Court’s Product Owner and Technical Lead, as well as their industry partner, up for success.
  • DAWSON, the new web-based case management system, allows taxpayers to easily submit petitions online, and can be maintained and improved indefinitely by the Court.

If you think about bowling, 18F was like the bumpers on the lane, making sure I didn't go off-track.
— Jessica Marine, Product Owner

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U.S. Tax Court

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