If you’re a program manager or a federal web developer you’ve probably been given a seemingly simple task: Create a basic website as part of a new initiative at your agency. The hardest part is often not crafting the content or designing the prototype, but getting the security and privacy compliance in order to launch and maintain the actual website’s compliance status. For that work, you might have to hire a contractor or put extra strain on your agency’s web team.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Federalist allows you to simplify. In one package, built on a trusted, FedRAMP authorized platform, we provide a hosting solution for your site with flexibility to scale and security compliance built in. On top of the technical advantages, we also provide some basic templates built to meet Section 508 standards, and a guide to help you shape your content. All of this lets you focus on designing the content and structure of your site and leave the rest to us.

Accessing Federalist is straightforward. Our team will demo Federalist in a meeting and you’ll be able to spin up your own test, non-production site as part of evaluating how Federalist works. As soon as you sign an inter-agency agreement with GSA, you get unlimited access to launch sites on Federalist for roughly $2,300 per month. This means, the next time you launch a prototype or site for a new initiative for your organization, you’ve already paid for the platform.

We believe federal web content specialists shouldn’t have to also be information security experts. That’s why we built Federalist on cloud.gov, a FedRAMP Authorized platform from GSA, that adheres to FISMA requirements and is monitored and maintained by us. We have customers at Treasury, Interior, Education, and the National Science Foundation running sites with rich content and intricate data visualizations. Here at GSA, we run more than 60 sites on Federalist. We like it so much we even use it to run 18F’s own website.

If you want to know more, contact us at federalist-inquiries@gsa.gov or visit Federalist’s documentation site.