Yesterday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released their review of 18F and the U.S. Digital Service and our work to transform federal digital services. We appreciate GAO’s review of 18F’s important work and mission. We’re especially excited about the results of a customer satisfaction survey that GAO conducted as part of their review. GAO sent surveys to agencies that 18F has worked with, and of the 26 that responded, 23 were pleased with 18F’s work.

We deeply value the opinion of our partners, and take this as solid data that we are on the right track to make the kind of impact we’d like to see on federal technology.

At the same time, the GAO report identified several areas where 18F could improve, specifically around creating outcome-oriented goals and establishing performance measures that are tied to achieving full cost recovery. We agree with GAO’s recommendations and will implement policies and procedures to address those suggestions.

Effective government requires thorough and thoughtful oversight. We thank GAO for their work with 18F over the last year to compile this review, and we appreciate their helping us achieve the transparency and accountability required to best serve the federal government and the public.