Happy Valentine's Day from the U.S. Web Design Standards team

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by Melody Kramer, Carolyn Dew, Erica Deahl, and Maya Benari

How do we love the Draft U.S. Web Design Standards?

Let us count the ways.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing some love from the Standards, which include a library of open source UI components and a visual style guide for U.S. federal government websites.

These tools — and these Valentine’s Day cards — follow industry-standard web accessibility guidelines and use the best practices of existing style libraries and modern web design. Created and maintained by U.S. Digital Service and 18F designers and developers, the Draft Web Design Standards are designed for use by government product teams who want to create beautiful, easy-to-use online experiences for the public.

So spread a little love this Valentine’s Day...because nothing says “I love you” like sharing our Draft U.S. Web Design Standards cards.

The draft web standards accordion with a valentines message exposed. Accordion to me, you’re the best. Send this card to someone on Twitter!

A valentines message floating above the draft web standards logo. There’s no standard way to say I love you this Valentine’s day. Send this card to someone on Twitter!

Valentines messages written on the draft web standards button templates. You press all my buttons. Send this card to someone on Twitter!

A heart superimposed over the draft web standards grid My heart would fill this entire grid. Send this card to someone on Twitter!

A rose and a violet with a valentines message. Roses are #E31C3D Violets are #0071BC. Send this card to someone on Twitter!

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