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What we deliver

Strategies and services that help agencies provide excellent value to the public.

18F partners with federal agencies to improve the user experience of government services by helping them build and buy technology. If you're looking to implement a requirement, update a public-facing website, or digitize a process, 18F can work with you to build a product or craft and execute an effective agile acquisition strategy.

Case Studies

“18F’s philosophy to build everything openly by default has been a key success factor in our ability to build credibility with the external stakeholders who have been critical of us previously. More importantly, this way of building facilitates innovation in an eco-centric manner as opposed to just within the government or a few entities.”

— Christina Ho
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Accounting Policy & Financial Transparency, Department of the Treasury

Some agencies we’ve worked with

    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/usaf.png logo U.S. Air Force
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/us-army.png logo U.S. Army
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/usmc.png logo U.S. Marine Corps
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/us-navy.png logo U.S. Navy
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/centers-for-medicare-and-medicaid.png logo Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/cfpb.png logo Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDA.svg logo Department of Agriculture
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDE.png logo Department of Education
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDHHS.png logo Department of Health and Human Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDOI.svg logo Department of the Interior
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDOJ.png logo Department of Justice
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDS.png logo Department of State
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDT.png logo Department of the Treasury
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/fbi.png logo Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/fec.svg logo Federal Election Commission
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/fema.png logo Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/frtib.png logo Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
    • /assets/img/logos/gsa-logo.svg logo General Services Administration
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/nga.png logo National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/nist.png logo National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/noaa.png logo National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/nsf.png logo National Science Foundation
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/loc.png logo The Library of Congress
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/tax-court.png logo United States Tax Court
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/EPA.png logo Environmental Protection Agency
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/NASA.svg logo National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/NARA.png logo National Archives and Records Administration
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/NRC.svg logo Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/OMB.svg logo Office of Management and Budget
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/OPM.png logo Office of Personnel Management
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/alaska-dhss.png logo Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/cwds.png logo California Child Welfare Digital Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/vermont.png logo State of Vermont Agency of Human Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/SEC.svg logo Securities and Exchange Commission
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/SBA.svg logo Small Business Administration
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/SSA.png logo Social Security Administration
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USPS.svg logo U.S. Postal Service
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Work with us to plan successful projects, choose better vendors, build custom software, or learn how to work in new ways.

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