A government publishing platform


Build websites quickly and easily

All government agencies need well-designed websites to communicate with the public, but not everyone has the technical resources to build sites from scratch. It can be especially hard to make sure sites are compliant with federal accessibility and security requirements.

18F created Federalist to help agencies build websites quickly and easily while meeting compliance requirements. We wanted to help federal software developers stand up static sites quickly and publish content to the public in a compliant way.


Accessibility, security, and compliance — out of the box

Federalist draws on existing tools and platforms to make it easier than ever to create useful, compliant sites. Here are just some of the features the platform includes:

  • Flexibility and scalability: We know each agency’s needs are different. Whether your agency needs a text-heavy site or an image-rich one, Federalist’s customizable templates can help you publish the content you need.
  • Top-notch security: Federalist is hosted on cloud.gov, a platform with security and compliance verified by the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board, which means your agency can focus on content instead of compliance.
  • Cloud-based hosting: cloud.gov’s flexible storage is built on top of the proven reliability of Amazon Web Services GovCloud.
  • Accessibility: All of Federalist’s default templates meet Section 508 standards, which makes it easier to build a site that complies with federal accessibility requirements.
  • Content guidance: Federalist’s content guide offers primers on different types of web content and strategies for creating content that will resonate with your users.

As one user said of moving their site to Federalist, “Wow. That worked remarkably well. It’s magical.”