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18F site style guide

Primary template

Located at _layouts/primary.html, this is the template that is most frequently used in It is responsible for creating content pages like /code-of-conduct/ to guides-style pages such as /join/.

Primary template front matter

The primary template uses Jekyll front matter heavily to account for variations within the site. Below are the the potential front matter attributes that you can use. Some are listed as (optional). These can be used to alter the appearance of a page.

Attribute Type What it does
title String Title for the page visible in blue banner at the top of the page
permalink String Path that the page renders relative to the site’s baseurl
layout String Should be set to primary
lead String (optional) Large white text that renders on the top blue banner
banner_cta Boolean (optional) Set to false by default. Generates a light blue call to action banner when set to true.
subnav_items Object (optional) Navigation items object that contains a list of subnavigation items that contain a permalink and text. Renders a sidenav on the left side of the page.
subnav_title String (optional) Set if you want the subnav title or breadcumb text to differ from the page title.
hero Boolean (optional) Enables a hero image in the banner. Defaults to true, so set to false to hide the image
image String (optional) Path to hero image. This image will also display on blog post preview cards
image_alt String (optional) Accessibility text for the image
image_figcaption String (optional) A caption that will be displayed on top of the image
breadcrumb Boolean (optional) Set to false by default. Specify true to enable the breadcrumb. If set to true, set subnav_title if the breadcrumb text differs from the page title.

How we work page

/how-we-work page is similar to the primary template but with a few adjustments that help to highlight how we support our customers. We pull these components the cards are placed at the bottom of the page to highlight past work and to bring users to /what-we-deliver.

Project page template

Located at _layouts/project-page.html, this is the template for creating new project pages as well as project cards that show up at /what-we-deliver/.

Add a project page

  1. Determine if the project is a service or a product and find the corresponding directory
  2. Create a new file within either the _products_projects or _servicess_projects directory and name it with the following format: [agency acronym]-[project-name].md.
  3. Copy the project page template to that file. Here you can build out the page to include:

    • Main content on the project’s background and 18F’s approach
    • The sidebar for at-a-glance information like the project’s website or GitHub repos. To do this, update the front matter related to the sidebar. If you don’t want something to show up in the sidebar, remove it from the front matter
    • Testimonials or fun facts styling within the body of the page
  4. If you’re adding an image, make sure to the readme for tips. If you’re not adding an image, make sure to specify an image_icon property in the front matter, and reference an SVG available in the SVG catalog like so:
  image_icon: gavel.svg

Blog post template

Located at _layouts/post.html, this is the template for creating new blog posts.

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