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18F is a technology and design consultancy for the U.S. Government, inside the government.

18F partners with agencies to improve the user experience of government services by helping them build and buy technology.

“We engaged with 18F, and it was a game-changer for us. They came in and helped the IT team and business owners get involved in the agile development process. It changed our whole methodology.”

— Alec Palmer
FEC’s Chief Information Officer

We support your mission

As an office within the General Services Administration, we know how to work with government. Federal, state, and local governments can partner with 18F to deliver projects that fulfill their mission, stay within budget, and use leading technology practices.

What 18F can do

Modernize software development processes while introducing good agile and human-centered design practices to your agency

Improve public-facing services like websites or applications

Digitize and streamline internal systems to save time and increase accuracy

Featured projects

  • Federal Election Commission

    Rethinking how the Federal Election Commission provides data, instructions, and legal resources to the public.

  • Department of the Treasury

    Implementing the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act with one of the largest government-wide agile projects ever undertaken.

  • General Services Administration

    An efficient way for contracting officers to search past government contracts for fair hourly rates.

Some agencies we’ve worked with

    • Health and Human Services
    • U.S. Air Force
    • Department of Justice
    • Department of the Interior
    • State of Wisconsin
    • Office of Management and Budget

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